The customer experience dashboard for hospitality operators

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The customer experience dashboard for hospitality operators

However you measure success, set up your key performance indicators in Feed it Back and it will gather the data to tell you how customers are feeling about your business. Our dashboard shows how you’re performing across your estate, by region, by venue, in absolute detail.

You can see what customers love and exactly where they think you can improve to keep them coming – so they recommend you to others. Our experts will also become part of your team, highlighting trends, making sure you don’t miss subtle details and sharing insights to help you build your reputation.

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The Dashboard

Smart surveys

Collect your customers’ opinions with beautifully branded, highly customisable and super smart surveys. Fast, intuitive and streamlined for maximum volume and minimum abandon rate.

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Social reviews

Online reviews are a great source of insight for fine tuning your operation. By responding to reviews, you boost your brand’s online presence making sure readers know that you act on their opinions.

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Social streams

Customers expect brands to monitor and respond to posts and DMs in real time. Feed It Back gives you real time visibility and response, to ensure that you do not disappoint them.

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Case management

A communication channel for colleagues investigating a complaint. It then engages with customers to quickly turn negative experiences into positive ones, driving loyalty and repeat visits.

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What our clients say

As a direct result of working with Feed It Back, we’ve seen a 25% reduction in in-venue bill comps – saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Lucy Harwood, Brand & Marketing Director, Las Iguanas

We have seen quality and consistency improve across all areas of the business. In fact, our NPS scores have risen by 25%.

Shaun Cremins, Brand Director, Marco Pierre White Restaurants

We did not anticipate the huge positive impact on staff

Scott Matthews, CEO, CG Restaurants

Feed It Back are the best providers (in the market). I get 10,000 pieces of feedback per week. I can see exactly what is happening in our restaurants at any time – if food quality is dropping, if wait times are going up, I get on the phone and find out what is going on right away.

Mos Shamel, Managing Director, Las Iguanas

We can now be more nimble with new menu launches, immediately evaluating every dish at every restaurant and making refinements to ensure guests are happy. It also enables us to innovate and take risks, and find out very quickly whether a new dish is working.

James Spragg, CEO, The Big Table Group

Loyalty is very hard to measure, but with Feed It Back, you can see which sites are winning the battle for return custom. You categorically know what is working at site level and can share best practice with the wider group.

Libby Andrews, Marketing Director at Pho

Feed It Back has been proven to increase staff motivation and provide high volumes of detailed insight.

David Gough, Operations Director, Stable Pizza