5 Ways To Get Survey Responses With Feed It Back

At Feed It Back, our customers receive a large number of responses each month, here are our top 5 ways to drive high volumes of feedback.

1. Promotional footer on the bill / receipt

These days you can’t go into any shop without being handed a receipt and being asked to go online to give feedback. This call to action at the bottom of the receipt is clearly an easy to way to invite customers to give feedback and commonly you will be enticed to do by being entered into a prize draw for a high value prize. Pubs and restaurants frequently do the same, however our advice is to offer a small guaranteed reward or a thank you for giving feedback and to ensure that this is clearly displayed on this footer. Guests are more likely to give feedback if they know for sure they will get something in return.

2. Post-visit emailers – online table bookings

If you use an online table booking provider they should be able to provide you or us with a data extract of those who have booked online. In our experience, sending a post visit email to the guest 24 hours after their visit, results in a good uptake. Be clear to state the survey is quick and highlight any incentive to get the best possible response level.

3. Post – visit emailers – WIFI data capture

Do you ask your customer for their contact details in order to get free WIFI? By asking them to accept your terms and conditions, you can send them an email the day after they visited again, asking for feedback following their recent visit.

4. Website link – make it clearly visible

Really simply, a feedback link via your website is an effective way of giving your guests a clear channel as to how they can feed it back. If a guest wants to complain or complement, make it easy for them to do so with a clear, visible link from your website. Accompany this with a message stating how important guest opinions are to you as a business and it may encourage passers-by to give feedback as well, even if they were not visiting your website for that purpose.

5. Front of house staff – asking guests

Yes, it requires staff training and effort, but getting your staff to ask guests to give feedback is one of the most effective ways of driving volume. At Feed It Back we offer a variety of different deployment methods to suit our customers, so whatever the method: in-house tablet, guest using own device, access via your app etc; training your staff to want to get feedback and to drive volume is really where you will reap the benefits.