A look at Pub Dining
April 12th to July 18th 2021

NPS, Food & service all dipped as indoor drinking & dining re-opened

Speed of service however recovered quicker with pubs adapting to challenges quickly

As more people return to pubs Value increases as a complaint topic. Speed of Service remains the main driver of complaints, accounting for 17% of complaints in week commencing 12th July

Waiting for food the biggest issue for those leaving a speed of service complaint

As value for money complaints increase, it is clear food quality is the key driver of poor value for money.  Guests can be quick to compare food to a cheaper option.

Service is also effecting value scores. Reducing wait times will have a big impact on improving your value score as well as your service

Inattentive Service and Staff Attitude are on an upward trend in line with speed of service complaints. Staff shortages are causing much of this. Can you help your staff handle complaints better, or manage expectations when they are under pressure?

McManus Pubs a great example of using Feed It Back to reduce speed of service complaints

“By using Feed It Back as an extra pair of eyes in our business it became clear that our larger garden sites were struggling with customer demand and adapting to a new style of service after Lockdown in April. By getting this feedback so quickly and clearly we were able to act decisively to bolster those teams and change our operations to increase efficiency. Feed It Back proved to us that the changes we had made were having a positive effect on the customer experience. In the challenging trading environment post-Lockdown these small margins were particularly key to the success of our business.”

Tom McManus
Area Manager

Steaks and Sunday Roasts coming in at the bottom – getting your roast right will put you ahead of the competition


  • Food and Service have dropped as Pubs moved into “full” opening, which is holding back NPS.
  • Speed of Service rating has recovered quicker but Speed of Service remains the top complaint topic.
  • Value for Money an issue on the rise, it’s clear expectations are high from guests expecting fantastic quality, and they are quick to compare you to cheaper options.
  • Inattentive Service and Staff Attitude are on the rise as complaint topics – how well trained are your staff on attentiveness and complaint handling?  It will be more important than ever to set your staff up for success and to invest in them to keep them
  • Steaks and Sunday Roasts scoring below the average – getting your Roast right will help you get ahead of the competition and generate more repeat business.

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