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Before we designed our products and services we looked very closely at the sort of people we wanted to work with.

We found that you respect your customers, understand they have a choice and want them to choose your place, frequently. You know that listening to what customers thought of their experience will help you, but you don’t want to take up too much of their time asking. Making feedback easier, quicker and more interesting shows your customers you value them and their opinion. The challenge is how you achieve this and capture enough feedback to properly inform your improvements.

We’ve built Feed It Back to meet the needs you fed back to us. What’s more, we’ve been in your situation and know how important it is to understand your customers without boring them. Before deciding what to ask your customers, Feed It Back does the work, so that your customers don’t have to. Feed It Back is the only solution if you want to hear your customers’ voice whilst respecting their wishes.

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Carlo Platia

Carlo Platia


As Feed It Back’s founder, Carlo has a simple ambition: to make eating and drinking out more enjoyable for everyone.

Carlo over 20 years international experience in the technology sector in enterprise software and media technology, working in several key roles including, support, R&D, consultancy, sales, marketing and management.

Prior to establishing Feed It Back in 2008, Carlo created the concept for Maxifier, a brand new online advertising optimization service for large content publishers and advertising networks, and built it into a business.

Carlo has also been a small business owner, setting up and running a bar/restaurant business in 2003, which was successfully sold in 2007.

Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies

Head of Product

Kevin manages application design and development and works with clients to ensure Feed It Back evolves with their changing business needs.

Graduating with a degree in business, Kevin worked in several software design and QA consultancy roles for clients such as Microsoft, National Grid and Atos Origin. As an expert in his field, he trained businesses throughout Europe and the rest of the World.

Prior to joining Feed It Back, Kevin ran his own development house, providing web application design, development and testing services to companies such as Ford, Coca Cola, Sony and Unilever.

Julia Platia

Julia Platia

Head of Customer Success

Julia looks after Feed It Back customers to ensure they get the most from the solution, which includes implementation support and training. Julia’s team includes Insights and Administrative support all aimed at helping customers successfully realise a return on their investment.

Julia’s previous experience in implementing e-Learning solutions into large organisations means she is adept in managing cultural changes that result from introducing new technologies.

In 2003 Julia opened and ran a premium cocktail bar. Julia gained valuable experience as an operator and understands the challenges faced by Operations to run a successful food and beverage business.

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