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Obsessed with detail

About the Feed It Back Team

We started Feed It Back because we love hospitality and know that loyal customers build a resilient business. We know, because it’s where we worked ourselves. We also know that the keys to success are found in the detail which is why we are completely obsessed with it.

We’ve built our system entirely on the knowledge and needs of people involved in the delivery of great customer experiences. And we run our business entirely around enabling our clients to understand what their customers feel about them and how to make them loyal advocates.

We’re especially proud of the positive feedback we receive on our own client service. When you join us you’ll find that’s given freely to you. We’ll always be behind you, helping you to make the most of Feed it Back and suggesting actions that make a difference.

Everything we do is based on how to make things better for your customers, your teams and you. Understanding the detail of what’s happening and paying attention to it creates a business full of happier guests and happier staff. That makes your whole brand experience much more enjoyable for everyone – making the work of senior management so much more productive and rewarding.

We’d love to work with you. Just give us a call and tell us about your issues and what you’d like to achieve. We’d be happy to hook you up with a client who’s already had to deal with similar issues.

Executive team

Carlo Platia CEO of Feed It Back

Carlo Platia



As Feed It Back’s founder, Carlo has a simple ambition: to make eating and drinking out more enjoyable for everyone.

Carlo has over 20 years international experience in the technology sector in enterprise software and media technology, working in several key roles including, support, R&D, consultancy, sales, marketing and management.

Prior to establishing Feed It Back in 2008, Carlo created the concept for Maxifier, a brand new online advertising optimisation service for large content publishers and advertising networks, and built it into a business.

Carlo has also been a small business owner, setting up and running a bar/restaurant business in 2003, which was successfully sold in 2007.

Julia Platia head of client services at Feed It Back

Julia Platia

Head of Client Services


Julia looks after Feed It Back customers to ensure they get the most from the solution, which includes implementation support and training. Julia’s team includes Insights and Administrative support all aimed at helping customers successfully realise a return on their investment.

Julia’s previous experience in implementing e-Learning solutions into large organisations means she is adept in managing cultural changes that result from introducing new technologies.

In 2003 Julia opened and ran a premium cocktail bar. Julia gained valuable experience as an operator and understands the challenges faced by Operations to run a successful food and beverage business.

Kevin Davies head of product at Feed It Back

Kevin Davies

Head of Product


Kevin takes direct responsibility for all things product in Feed It Back from taking and understanding customer requirements, technical design, user experience, development, testing and deployment. Kevin works with clients to ensure Feed It Back evolves with their changing business needs.

Graduating with a degree in business, Kevin worked in several software design and QA consultancy roles for clients such as Microsoft, National Grid and Atos Origin. As an expert in his field, he trained businesses throughout Europe and the rest of the World.

Prior to joining Feed It Back, Kevin ran his own development house, providing product management, web application design, development and testing services to companies such as Ford, Coca Cola, Sony and Unilever.

Dan Hawkie head of commercials at Feed It Back

Dan Hawkie

Managing Director


Dan’s role within Feed It Back covers two main areas:

New Business Development – Finding fellow “obsessives” – operators that are totally focussed on driving improvements in their customer experience, both operationally and from a customer comms aspect.

Partnerships – Finding the best partners within our sector and ensuring we have the right integrations in place to support operators in getting the most out of all systems within the hospitality eco-system. 

Dan is obsessed with Hospitality. A background that covers over 13 years of experience in Hospitality Management before moving into Hospitality Tech over the past 5 years. As an ex-operator, he felt the same pains and struggles as our clients and can provide brilliant insights on how to improve the operational and marketing potential for your business. 

Our partnership ecosystem

We work with a unique, expanding circle of collaborative organisations and have built connections that feed us with more information, reviews and real time data so that we can present you with a complete picture of your customers’ experiences.

They also deliver us the fine detail that enables us to pinpoint the things that shaped your customers’ opinions, and give you accurate insights that will help you earn and retain their loyalty.