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Obsessed with detail

Feed It Back x Acteol
Getting more from your data

Feed It Back is the customer experience dashboard for hospitality operators

From collecting  your customers’ opinions with beautifully branded, highly customisable and super smart surveys, through to integrating with social channels to pull in reviews, direct messages and posts, it allows you to understand what your customers are experiencing and enables you to communicate with them to ensure maximum engagement and to drive loyalty.

Acteol – Do more with your customer data

An award-winning CRM agency who specialise in knitting together all your customer data to create a powerful Single Customer View, enabling you to understand the entire customer journey, right from sales lead to advocate and to build broader and deeper insights into a customer’s lifestyle, behaviours and preferences.

Knowing your customers better means making better sales and marketing decisions and generating more revenue from less spend!

Benefits of using Feed It Back and Acteol together

  • Increase survey responses by capturing customer details from all sources (bookings, wifi, order & pay, loyalty & more)
  • Automatically get all of your customer data, transactional information, likes & preferences fed directly into your CRM
  • Create better targeted marketing campaigns to increase open rates and click through rates
  • Understand who your brand promoters are & engage with them (ask them for social reviews, send special offers etc)
  • Increase Loyalty & visitor frequency with improved insights

The best operators trust Feed It Back and Acteol

Find out more about Acteol on their website