Brains Commits To Feed It Back Insight Programme For Three Years

Renowned family brewer Brains has signed up to an initial three-year period with insights system Feed It Back, ensuring the Cardiff-based brewer receives specific feedback for each of its 120 managed venues.

Feed It Back has been implemented across Brains’ managed estate, delivering insight on pivotal aspects of the customer experience such as service, food and drink. At the same time, several Brains sites are upgrading their tills, which will allow them to fully link with Feed It Back‘s personalised survey system.

After the EPOS link is complete, customers at certain Brains venues will receive a code on their receipt that will direct them to a personalised survey. Instantly, Feed It Back will know what they ordered, who served them, how much they spent and other pieces of data on their visit, and instantly builds a personalised survey accordingly. This will make surveys considerably quicker for customers to complete, and allow Brains to secure more comprehensive analysis and insights.

Additional functionality allows customers to highlight staff that provided excellent service through photos of the pub’s team, which is perfect for internal initiatives devoted to service standards.

Since implementing Feed It Back, Brains has experienced an outstanding 2,000% increase in feedback volume, with 94% of surveys completed before the guest leaves the site. 37% of guests have selected a staff member’s photo for praise, while 6% have subscribed to the venue’s newsletter and database.

Bruce Newman, Group Head of Marketing at Brains, commented: “We value our guests’ opinions and Feed It Back has given the business a robust, easy to use method of capturing guest insight. The initial phase of the project has landed well and we aim to enhance our marketing capability in the coming months by taking advantage of Feed It Back‘s EPOS connection.”

Jon Bridge, Brains’ Group Head of HR, added: “We have circa 1,800 team members in our venues. Feed It Back is helping us to see clearly which individuals in the team are delivering outstanding guest experiences and allows us to reward and recognise them accordingly.”

Previously known as Sendster, Feed It Back has recently rebranded, launching a brand new website that allows users to try the system out for themselves. Carlo Platia, Feed It Back‘s Managing Director and Founder, commented: “It’s been a pleasure working with Brains, and we’re thrilled to be providing the Feed It Backsystem to them for the next three years.”

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