With almost 120 pubs and restaurants fully managed by Brains, maintaining high quality standards and consistency across the estate is a constant challenge.

Brains wants to receive a high volume of feedback from their guests so that they can draw conclusions and efficiently decide which actions to take. Their key objectives are to:

  • Identify operational improvements that make guests happier
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Grow recommendations, awareness and footfall

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Increase in feedback volume.


Of reviews completed before the guest leaves.


Of guests select a staff member, by their photo, for praise.


Of guests upload a photo or ‘selfie’ with their feedback.

The Solution

Brains’ key objective was to achieve an enormous increase in the number of feedback responses provided by guests. This volume enables them to reliably identify the operational improvements that drive profit.

By linking in real-time with each venue’s EPOS system, Feed It Back is able to know the details of each guest’s experience and personalise the survey questions on the fly. Feed It Back knows:

  • What food and drinks were ordered
  • Which member of staff looked after the guest
  • Where the table was located
  • How much was spent
  • How busy the venue was at that time
  • And much more

Being able to ask guests specific questions about the menu items they actually ordered means unprecedented visibility into the success of our dishes and new menus very quickly after introducing them.

Christine Parker 
Catering Development Manager

The Benefits

Feed It Back tailors the survey for each guest, demonstrating that Brains values its guests’ time, whilst making the survey experience fast, engaging and rewarding for their guests.

By connecting the EPOS transaction and KPI data to each piece of feedback, operational improvements are identified without the need for spreadsheet work and manual manipulation of data. Feed It Back is able to provide immediate and unprecedented operational insights out-of-the box and in real time, such as:

  • Product Watch: Which dishes are receiving good and bad feedback?
  • What are the problems with the dishes that are receiving bad feedback?
  • Transaction volume v quality: Is the quality of food or service receiving lower guest scores during busy period?
  • Facilities and flow: Are the tables in certain sections (such as the beer garden) consistently receiving worse service (as scored by guests)?
  • And many more…

Whilst using Feed It Back independently of the EPOS, they have experienced many other benefits, such as:

  • The ability to award individual staff members for delivering excellent customer service
  • Simply identify key areas of opportunities and success and act on these accordingly
  • Determine the key drivers of customer satisfaction

Feed It Back provides guests with single-use vouchers that can be scanned by the EPOS on their return visit and report on revisits and redemptions. Vouchers can vary across different segments of the estate, can be changed instantly and can be defined with an expiry date to drive repeat visits within a period of time.

We value our guests’ time and by combining their opinions with EPOS data in real time, Feed It Back enables us to personalise survey questions, making the experience faster, more interesting and more rewarding for guests.

Bruce Newman 
Head of Marketing