How Our Dashboard Helped Fridays UK

With a new management team in place, Friday’s embarked on a digital transformation process. Their aim was to make Friday’s famous again and deliver the customer experience required to fulfil this ambition. We asked Erica (CTO) and Dan (CMO) how Feed It Back rapidly integrated into their business and helped them to rise to this challenge.

Watch the full length interview at the top or see below for brief excerpts on key issues.

Why Fridays chose Feed It Back

"Another USP that we found compared to the supplier that we were using previously was the richness of the Feed It Back reporting platform and the depth of information we obtained and the simplicity of interpreting that data was a massive tick in the box for us"

Erica Livermore, Chief Technology Officer

How Fridays are back with Feed It Back

"Feed It Back will certainly help us on reopening. It's going to be an interesting time. We'll be using the data from the time we have been closed and indeed from the autumn, when we were open to inform that refocus on training and getting the teams back up to speed again."

Dan Staples, Chief Marketing Officer