Zooming in on Anglian Country Inns

As a growing family business encompassing 10 venues, Anglian Country Inns needed a way to ensure they were making their customers happy at every venue, while allowing each venue to retain its own personality and independent feel.  We asked James (Managing Director) and Ruth (Marketing Director) how they use Feed It Back to ensure they are making customers happy and their staff engaged.

Watch the full length interview at the top or see below for brief excerpts on key issues.

Why ACI chose Feed It Back

The best members of staff are the ones that look forensically at their dashboards every day and they're coming in to me to talk about stuff before I'm going to talk to them. So we empower all of our staff and our general managers to look at their own dashboards, dive into their customer feedback, so that they can really see how they're performing and see those stars in their teams that just shine in front of customers or go above and beyond, because that's what we really want to recognize and reward.

Ruth Nye, Marketing Director at Anglian Country Inns

How are Anglian Country Inns "making people happy"?

As we got to a certain size we were basing a lot of our decisions on assumptions, assumptions that people were happy or that situations had been resolved. What Feed It Back allowed us to do was replace those assumptions with data, and a lot more data than we had in place. That has been a fundamental change around how we've been making decisions across the business, because rather than just going on what we thought we can actually go on what the customers are thinking.

James Nye, Managing Director at Anglian Country Inns