Zooming in on Brains

Having worked with Brains for several years, we asked Sara and Nathan how they use Feed It Back to identify improvements, take action, energize operations teams and grow customer loyalty.

Watch the full length interview at the top or see below for brief excerpts on key issues.

Increasing Food Margins

“Continuous improvement is really important to us and we’ve strived really hard to get where we are today. Without Feed It Back we certainly wouldn’t be 5% up on margin and we wouldn’t have the scores that we have had, and the positive feedback that we’ve had”

Sara Webber, Marketing Manager for Brand & Retail at Brains

Making your business completely consumer centric

“People are proud of the fact that they’re now improving their scores. They could see what the problem was, they just didn’t quite know how to get it moving in the right direction.”

Nathan Evans, Food Operations Manager at Brains