Zooming in on Fazenda

Fazenda are a 5 site South American Restaurant company in the UK, where guests really are at the heart of everything that they do. And they know that if their guests are happy, then that leads to their passionate team members also being happy too. That’s why they chose Feed It Back.

“Looking at that dashboard really allows you to see where you’re at. It gives you a gauge to look back and analyse the past, but then importantly, plan for the future on how we can do better. It gives general managers a window into their business. The Feed It Back dashboard is so simple and user friendly.”

Jon Peek, Operations Manager at Fazenda

Why Fazenda chose Feed It Back

This tool will change your life forever.

Tomas Maunier, Managing Director at Fazenda

Why Fazenda love Feed It Back

The team at Feed It Back have been second to none. We work with lots of different suppliers and lots of different providers across the restaurants, and I've honestly never worked with a company that is more pro-active.

Jon Peek, Operations Manager at Fazenda