Zooming in on Paul UK

Paul UK is a brand that’s been in the UK market for over 20 years.

Being a multi-faceted business, they have a broad base of competitors and it was integral for them to find out more about what their customers wanted and expected from their offering.

That is why they have implemented Feed It Back across their business; to listen to their customers, to gain feedback on new menu development, to understand where service can be improved and to ensure they respond to customer feedback in a timely manner.

“The system is intuitive and easy to understand.
So understanding key trends and what’s going on is very, very simple.
Our Store managers utilise it.
Our Ops managers utilise it.
Our Marketing Team utilise it.
Our Senior leadership team utilise it.
And the customer service team utilise it.”

Gary Cowles, COO at Paul UK

Paul UK knows what customers think

Our NPS score has moved from mid 70's to mid 80's, which we're hugely proud of.
As we've navigated our way out of the pandemic, we are starting to see, in quite real terms, where we are hitting some roadblocks.

Gary Cowles, COO at Paul UK

Developing products that customers want

In terms of product management and new product launches, Feed It Back enables us to do pulse surveys, that give us quantitative and qualitative data on what people think of those products, so we're not solely relying on the sales data we get through.
This gives us a more rounded picture of what people think of the product.

Gary Cowles, COO at Paul UK