Supporting you through Covid-19

Build direct relationships with your delivery and takeaway customers

With delivery, takeaway and click & collect orders increasing day by day, now is the time to build direct relationships with your delivery customers, to bring them back to your outlets later.

Platforms like Deliveroo are brilliant at driving new customers to a brand BUT create challenges for your long term viability.

  • You have no understanding of who the customer is and what makes them tick.
  • You’re not able to market directly to this customer.
  • The platform does not encourage loyalty to your brand.
  • It is difficult to drive customers back to your outlets after lockdown.

And, of course, high commission fees!

How we’re helping operators to overcome these challenges in a few simple steps, at no cost.

  • Valuable insights on how your offering (food, drink, order process, service etc) and your delivery partners are performing.
  • Adding these customers to your marketing database, along with their preferences.
  • Understanding customers’ expectations for visiting your outlets after lockdown.
  • Driving these customers to your own click & collect or takeaway services.
  • Incentives for your loyal customers to visit you after lockdown.

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