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Obsessed with detail

How your customers benefit from our dashboard

It’s so much easier for your guests when feedback is fast, personal and social

Make it personal with your customers

We personalise your customer’s feedback to their specific visit and give them a quick, simple and enjoyable way to express their opinions.

By linking Feed It Back to your EPOS system, customers give you more genuine feedback that’s more accurate, too. Of course, you can also opt to ask them for feedback by email after they’ve left, if that better suits your style. This can link into CRM, online bookings and wi-fi logins.

“When our customers have unfortunately not had a great experience with us, Feed It Back gives us an opportunity to manage this in one system and track our correspondence between ourselves, our operations teams and our guests. The brilliant thing with the full integration is that we can take that full circle with our customer and actually contact them after their visit and find out whether, as a brand, we did manage to turn that experience around.”

Lisa Campbell, Head Of Guest Experience, Las Iguanas

Make it social with your customers

We are all a bit reluctant to report issues face to face. But, like everyone else, we love sharing on social media. Feed It Back brings all the review comments about you into one place, so you can handle them as easily as your on-site or email comments. Customers are amazed when you respond proactively to their views. In fact, we can turn 60% of them from brand detractors into satisfied customers.

And, of course, you can also say thank you to people who write about loving their whole experience. They’ll be delighted to hear from you, keeping your brand front of mind and prompting them to come back sooner.

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How your teams benefit

Front of House teams love seeing how they’re doing. It’s on their mobiles, too.

Your kitchen connects to the details of how well their dishes are going.

Managers manage best when guests are driving their decisions.

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How you benefit

Putting things right is so much easier with guest issues all in one place.

Team accountability runs right through your processes.

We work with your existing systems rather than against them.

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