NPS & Footfall Feed It Back Bums on Seats and Wireless Social

Driving Footfall With Customer Insights

Do you have the insights to tell you when you are at your busiest and what impact that has on your customer experience?

If you’re not using tools like Feed It Back and Wireless Social, then it may just be that bit harder. Combine those two platforms together AND throw in an amazing expert like Bums on Seats, and what do you have?

A fantastic plan to kickstart your 2023 and maximise your customer loyalty.
Utilising customer insights to drive footfall.

As you’re probably already aware, we have some fantastic partners at Feed It Back, and two of our best come in the form of Wireless Social and Bums on Seats.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with them to share the best insights and our experiences to help you all have a successful 2023.

We’ve combined customer insights from Feed It Back with footfall data from Wireless Social to identify where the opportunities lay for UK Hospitality operators to help increase their customer satisfaction levels and to increase customer loyalty this coming year (and beyond).  Bums on Seats has also helped identify some key practices that you should be undertaking immediately to drive revenue.

If you’re not already using either of these amazing partners of ours, then you can find out more about Wireless Social and Bums on Seats, or you can contact a member of their teams at and Alternatively, you can speak to your Account Manager to learn more about how we work together.

Best wishes and a successful 2023

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