Design Day September 2018

20 September 2018

Our customers are all highly interested in finding out what their guests think. Not only what their guests think, but what they can learn from that and, in turn, what they need to do about it. At Feed It Back, it’s our job to help our customers achieve this.

We help our customers to gather, decipher and respond to high volumes of online reviews as well as feedback that they collect from guests themselves using our system.

When it comes to self-collected feedback, there are various opinions among operators regarding how this should be done. Some operators do not believe they should ask for it, so long as they provide a channel that is easy for guests to find. Other operators ask almost every guest.

With such a variety of preferences, it’s crucial that we work with our customers to understand the drivers behind these opinions and build systems that work well for all of them.

We spent two days with various customers last week doing just that. Working out what the next generation of feedback tools should be capable of. It was great fun and produced some surprising insight.

Now it’s time to get to work on the build!

Design Day September 2018
Design Day September 2018

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