Everything You Missed From RMI 2023

Hey there!

It’s now been a couple of weeks since the 2023 Restaurant Marketing and Innovator Expo in London and we’d just like to take this moment to thank everyone who came over and said hello to us as well as our fantastic partners at NQ64 for supporting us on our stand for the duration of the evening. 

We thought it might be nice to share some of our favourite talks with you all, as well as for those who couldn’t make it!

The Customer View of Digitalisation

Missed our panel at RMI with Feed It Back Managing Director, Dan Hawkie? 

We chatted to Kelly Beard, Head of Marketing at Oakman Group – Jodi Bear, Innovation Director at Venture Group Tenerife and Vicky Barber, Marketing Director at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen about how businesses are balancing efficiencies with their customer experiences and delivering effective technology solutions.

Discovering how to use your social channels, apps and websites and platforms like Feed It Back to maximise the effectiveness of your business and data capture to grow to the next level. The digital and in store journey matters to who your customers are your business.

Massive thank you to our talented panellists for joining us with their insights on stage! 

The Golden Years

Katy Moses, founder and managing director at KAM gave a fantastic presentation regarding research based around the notion of often-forgotten customers over the age of 65 years and why they’re still so vital for hospitality operators

to focus on.

We enjoyed fantastic insights about people in their “Golden Years” and their eating out habits. We found out the importance of understanding what they look for when choosing a venue and their needs.

Developing A Winning Proposition

Product development plays a huge role in our industry, especially when creating the right menu mix for your brand. 

Kateline Porritt of Egg Soldiers chatted to Simon Farrow of Tao Group Hospitality, Alice Leach of Cornish Bakery and Jenny McPhee of The Alchemist about exactly that. 

A very interesting and in-depth look into their processes, cross-business workflows and how they go about testing as well. 

The importance of feedback when trying new menus is crucial to innovate our hospitality businesses, understanding our guests and adapting to their needs.

Such a fantastic session with great experts from our industry.

Stopping Discounts Improved Our NPS

Using discounts too much? It can actually have an effect on your NPS according to Matt Snell, Chief Executive at Gusto Italian. In his panel, he revealed how cutting back on discounts positively impacted their NPS score as well as the guest experience. 

A really insightful look into why it’s important to not give too much away to your guests.

Learning From Other Industries

Knowledge and skills can come from anywhere, even places outside of your own industry so it’s very important to keep an eye out. 
That’s exactly what Ann Elliot, hospitality consultant, talked with Vineeta Anuj, Head of Customer at Mindful Chef, about what she has learnt since leaving the sector that she would apply back in hospitality.

Why Trust Is The Only Metric That Matters

Trust between you and your customers is one of the most important metrics to focus on as it can convert into brand loyalty among other KPIs.

If you’re a trusted brand, your customers are up to six times more likely to purchase from you and five times that they’d be more like to advocate your brand.

No trust means no credibility.

Edelman’s Mark McGinn gave a great talk on working with some of the world’s leading brands and how driving them towards sustainability helped with their social purpose.

Fantastic panel with a very mindful topic.

Doing Good & Doing Better

Mark Stretton held a fantastic panel with Tim Doubleday, Colin Hill and Kate Nicholls on why Burger King UK, Nandos and UKHospitality are championing change and why it’s central to their business agendas, future performance and growth.

Purpose and profit shouldn’t compromise the other, they should be encouraged together and that’s no more true than how our hospitality industry operates.

Growth should be wholesome and it’s important to consider the environmental impact of growing you

It’s great to see these sustainable changes happening within some of the UK’s top brands.

Disruptive Growth

We often hear the word ‘disruptor’ thrown around a lot recently, but BrewDog is perhaps one of the most accurate examples of this. James Brown, retail managing director shares how BrewDog is pushing boundaries to new heights in their hospitality division with ambitious projects and audacious new openings.

Especially in regards to innovation with tipping, team care, growth and strategy.

Highlighting the importance of ‘out of the box’ thinking and learning from mistakes.

Very interesting talk and an eye opening look into BrewDogs journey.

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