Feed It Back and Yapster announce new partnership to help hospitality brands take control of their guest experience

Feed It Back and mobile messaging app Yapster are partnering to make it easier than ever for hospitality staff to receive and engage with guest experience feedback. This integrated solution means users will be able to take proactive control over the wellbeing of their customers, drive up standards, and reward great employees.

Founded in 2008, Feed It Back puts real-time guest engagement at the centre of operations. It tracks the word-on-the-street about operators through immediate feedback and online review platforms such as Facebook and TripAdvisor. All feedback is aggregated into one easy to use platform allowing operators to effectively respond to feedback they might otherwise have missed. Customers include Pho, Las Iguanas, Dirty Martini and Be at One.

Yapster will surface positive guest feedback into group chats, which will then trigger a push notification to the participants. This can be used to celebrate excellent service and reward great staff performance. The feedback can also be sent to a company newsfeed in order to showcase it to the wider business, and motivate teams.

“Helping create exceptional customer experiences through the use of data and insight is at the heart of everything we do”, said Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed It Back. “This new integration will enable businesses to acknowledge in real-time the team members who go above and beyond in the call of service and act as a vital tool in operators’ armoury for fighting the ongoing battle to attract and retain the best employees.”

“We believe real time guest-experience feedback and best in class instant communication go hand in hand,” added Rob Liddiard, Co-founder and CEO of Yapster. “By combining a simple way for guests to leave feedback and an effective solution to celebrate valued team members, driving up standards and employee motivation has never been easier. We’re hoping our partnership with Feed It Back will not only have a positive impact on guests, but on employee satisfaction.’

About Yapster

Yapster is a secure, all-company instant messaging app for organisations with frontline (deskless) teams, enabling 1-1 and group conversations and company-wide social sharing.

Behind the simple, intuitive UI we have built a wealth of features and functionality to meet the needs of deskless organisations.

It’s this, combined with our ability to integrate with, and broaden access to, other core systems which means that you can use Yapster to engage your entire workforce, from frontline to HQ; grow sales by embedding practices that drive commercial performance, and; optimise your frontline and people operations and reduce costs. We also help you to keep your staff safe, maintain control of your data, and stay GDPR compliant.

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