Feed It Back joins forces with Mark McCulloch to launch game changing marketing course

Feed It Back, the leading online reputation specialists for hospitality operators, has added a new Brand and Marketing course to the Feed It Back Academy, following its successful launch in September 2019.

The new course has been created in partnership with Mark McCulloch, marketing guru and Founder & CEO of Supersonic Inc, who will personally deliver the programme. It specifically targets marketers with the purpose of helping them harness the power of data and insight to gain a competitive edge in the market. 

McCulloch said: “After completing brand positioning work and marketing strategy work recently with Feed It Back, I was really wowed by the team, the service and the depth of offer. It was really unexpected to be asked by Carlo to be the Brand and Marketing Trainer for the Feed It Back Academy and I am excited about the value that I can bring to its customers by helping them navigate what modern marketing truly is.

“My purpose has always been to help brands become better brands and marketers become better marketers. Joining the Feed It Back Academy team will help take that purpose out to a wider audience and give Feed it Back’s customers a real competitive advantage”.

Since launching the Academy, employees from 17 hospitality businesses have successfully completed the operations focused course, delivered by Karen Turton, providing them with the support, guidance and tools they need to make better sense of data and insight to drive operations.

Simon Gallagher, Regional Manager, Giggling Squid, who recently completed the course, said: “The day was great and well received by all with more engagement than I had anticipated from our people. It really got them thinking and looking at feedback from a different approach and the impact it has on their individual restaurants.”

Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed It Back, said: “The impact of social media and technological development has caused the day-to-day roles of all job functions within hospitality to change drastically, almost overnight. Building on the success of our operations focused Feed It Back Academy course, we’re delighted to be launching a new marketing focused module. Harnessing data and insight can be an incredibly powerful tool for marketers, but only when it is used in the right way. With Mark at the helm delivering this course, we’re confident we can help our customers gain a competitive edge and further realise the potential our data and insight can deliver in driving footfall, loyalty and sales.”

More detail about the Academy, including how to sign-up, can be found on the Feed It Back website.


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