Making it easier for your teams

It’s easier for your teams to deliver great service and consistent food quality

Build front of house ability

Our clients tell us Feed It Back is making it easier for staff to gain confidence in asking for feedback. Getting opinions in real time is a great team builder. It means they’ve got the power to put things right themselves – and to do it fast, rather than having to be prompted by HQ. Our clients even have staff logging in via their mobiles to check on how well they’re doing. And ops managers are spotting rising stars ready for a promotion without even meeting them!

Feed It Back has enabled our managers and our teams to get involved with our feedback.  It comes to the managers and Head Office can have a birds eye view.  Feed It Back gives the sites and the managers a dashboard to communicate with the customers and get the customer back in if they didn’t have a great time.  It has provided our managers a better understanding of their site and better communication with their staff.  It’s given them a tool to run their restaurants better.


Drive back of house quality

Kitchen staff can see exactly how their prep and delivery is getting on. New recipes and new dishes can be tested quickly and accurately. And your back of house teams can see how consistently they’re delivering against your other kitchens.

Feed It Back enables you to genuinely delegate more operational decisions to general managers. Having guests driving their decisions gives them a real sense of fulfilment and responsibility.