Hospitality net promoter scores soar, driven by casual dining

Net promoter scores are soaring across hospitality according to this week’s Customer Sentiment Tracker from Feed It Back and KAM Media. Following feedback from those who visited hospitality venues this weekend, the overall industry net promoter score sits at 63 which is well above pre-lockdown levels (58). The rise in scores are mainly driven by the casual dining and casual premium segments. Both segments saw a 10-point increase compared with last week. Pubs are also delivering strong scores.

“Following a dip last week, it’s exciting news that net promoter scores are already well above pre-lockdown levels, showing not only that people are pleased to be back but that the venues are delivering against their customers’ needs” comments Carlo Platia, CEO at Feed It Back.

96% of returning customers say that new safety procedures gave them confidence to return – a rise even from last week (93%) according to Feed It Back data. Despite this however, the number of complaints about cleanliness has risen since re-opening weekend – from 7% to 10%. Pre-lockdown less than 1% of complaints were focussed on cleanliness.

Katy Moses, MD at KAM Media: “Overall the KPIs are going in the right direction suggesting that operators are really listening to customers and offering them a great and safe experience. However, operators need to work with staff to ensure they don’t become complacent over the next few weeks. New and nervous customers are slowly returning to venues and they need to be 100% re-assured at every point in the experience.”

‘Food quality’ is the area which is receiving the highest number of complaints. “Pre-lockdown food quality was always one of the top complaints and there is no change now” comments Platia. “With all the focus on cleanliness and safety, operators need to keep their eye on food quality, especially with simplified menus and new food items being offered by many venues.”

KAM research showed that food-led occasions are likely to be the ones most negatively affected by footfall with 45% of consumers saying they’d eat out less frequently post-lockdown.

Moses comments; “food preparation and serving leave more room for human contact so many consumers felt they would eat out less often, with people much happier to pop out for a quick pint. We need to work hard to tempt people back out of their houses with food experiences which can’t be replicated at home. And the first visit back, in particular, needs to be outstanding.”

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