Hospitality Operators Neglect Engagement On Google Reviews

New statistics from Feed it Back’s monthly social review tracker has revealed that, despite being the most popular review platform in 2018,Google is also the least engaged with platform by operators.

Of all reviews in July, 58,4% were submitted on Google, significantly surpassingFacebook (5.4%)and TripAdvisor(36.2%).Yet the statistics, which were taken from thousands of social reviews across the restaurant and pub industries, revealed that only less than a fifth of reviews left on Google were responded to by operators.

Conversely, operators in July were most inclined to interact with consumers on TripAdvisor, with over 58% of reviews receiving ar esponse; while Facebook saw 39% of customer reviews directly engaged with by operators.

This trend can partly be attributed to the fact thatGoogle has a larger share of positive reviews–which operators are less inclined to respond to –with 75% leaving feedback ranging from 4-5 out of 5in July, edging out Facebook (72%) and TripAdvisor (71%).

Meanwhile, consumers were more likely to leave a negative review on Facebook, with 22% leaving feedback ranging from 1-2 out of 5; TripAdvisor followed closely behind with 19%; whereas negative reviews on Google only equated to 11%.

Commenting on the findings, Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed it Back said: “It is an absolute must that operators are actively looking to engage with their consumers online to enhance their reputation, presence and glean insight into how to improve their customer experience.

“Google reviews, driven by location prompts from mobile devices, provide the most feedback from consumers, but they are being neglected by operators. Even in instances where consumers have simply left a rating and not added additional comments, operators should still be looking to engage and gather information. By not addressing reviews and comments–positive or negative –operators are missing an opportunity to communicate with their customers and convert negative reviewers into brand advocates by acknowledging responses and rectifying grievances.”

About Feed it Back:

Feed it Back is a company that tracks the word on the street about operators, through immediate feedback on experiences and online review platforms, such as Facebook and TripAdvisor. It aggregates all feedback into one easy to use platform that allows operators to efficiently deal with feedback they otherwise wouldn’t have heard, reward employees for excellent service and turn negative experiences into positives.

The company is managed by experienced operators Julia and Carlo Platia in 2008, who drew on their experience running a cocktail bar and restaurant to launch the platform. It currently boasts a range of clients including: Loungers, Bistrot Pierre, Las Iguanas, Dirty Martini, Brains, Hippo Inns and Be at One, to name a few.

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