Hospitality Rising

Hospitality Rising

Do you want to find out how your teams are currently feeling, what they love about working in your company, and what they’d like to see changed?

Feed It Back has teamed up with Hospitality Rising and Zonal to offer Hospitality operators a completely free employee engagement survey to kickstart the new year.

For those that don’t know who Hospitality Rising are, they are the force behind trying to rejuvenate our sector as the best place to work and not “growing old for a living”.

Hospitality is dynamic, exciting and full of fast growth potential. Whether gaining experience as a bartender or a barista, as a head chef or a hotel manager, it equips you with the life skills to shape your future and to enjoy success while making friends and having a lot of fun along the way.

But the huge number of job vacancies makes it harder for businesses and their team members to operate. We’re supporting an innovative industry-led movement to help attract more people into hospitality and improve perceptions of the industry.

If you haven’t already done so, you can also pledge your support at Hospitality Rising.

The campaign has incredible results, but more support is required to ensure there is a long-lived success.

So, as part of this initiative, we’re offering supporters and interested businesses a free employee engagement survey. You will not only get the chance to find out how your employees are feeling, but you will also see how you’re benchmarked against your peers in the sector – providing valuable insights on what you can do to be the best employer.

To take part in this completely free initiative, it couldn’t be easier – Complete the form below and send a brand logo in Jpeg format 240px Square format to

Be quick though, all surveys will be closed as of 26th February.

To learn more about the amazing work that Hospitality Rising is doing, and to join the likes of Parkdean Resorts, Brewdog, Pret, Welcome Break and many more in pledging their support, then visit Hospitality Rising.