A customer asks three times for their drink to be served! We stepped up service, sent a voucher... the customer came back and booked again! Fixed.
Obsessed with detail

How you benefit from our customer dashboard

Integrate, centralise and delegate and get much more, for way less effort 

Integrate data with your teams

The dashboard shows the fine detail about complaints, praise and issues in one place to make it easier for you to manage. It will save you those days spent every month, pulling together different sources and trying to make sense of them. There will be no cracks left for issues to fall in to. You’ll also be able to assign people to issues and see how well they’re handling them, as they happen. By linking CRM, EPOS, booking, wi-fi and social media we take the pain away from data gathering. With less effort but more guest opinions managed, you’ll be wondering how you worked on such scanty knowledge before.

We look at Feed It Back week on week and it allows us to take action with a restaurant right away.  To take that feedback seriously, have a chat with the General Managers and their teams and try to understand how we can turn something around within a few days rather than within a few weeks.

Libby Andrews, Marketing Director, Pho

Let your teams centralise and share information

Accountability runs up and down the Feed It Back system. Everyone can take responsibility for your customers’ satisfaction when you centralise diverse sources and share them. It’s all powered by metrics that reveal amazing insights. It’s easy to produce regular and one-off reports and set your own KPIs. These insights will open up your thinking, drive better decisions and wow the board. You’ll increase their confidence in their decisions and be able to make improvements knowing exactly where you can make the most difference.

benefits of our customer experience dashboard

How your teams benefit

Front of House teams love seeing how they’re doing. It’s on their mobiles, too.

Your kitchen connects to the details of how well their dishes are going.

Managers manage best when guests are driving their decisions.

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How your customers benefit

Linking feedback directly to their bills is personal, simple and fast.

They’re amazed when you actively respond to their social media comments.

Get the power to switch detractors to brand champions

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