Increased negativity on TripAdvisor for January 2020

January saw the average social rating rise to 4.3, the same level we saw in 2019.  Coming out of Christmas we see increases of 0.1 from December 2019 on Google and TripAdvisor

Facebook saw a slight decline in average rating in the Pub and Bar segment, down 0.1 year on year, however there is a big improvement for Facebook in the Restaurant sector, with a year on year increase from 4.0 to 4.6.

Opinion on TripAdvisor has been slightly more polarised compared to last year, with a 1.5% year on year increase in negative reviews, taking the share of negative reviews on TripAdvisor to 17.9%.  The increase here is driven by the Pub/Bar segment where negative reviews increased 3.3% year on year, the Restaurants faring slightly better with only 0.4% increase in negative reviews on TripAdvisor year on year.

Waiting continues to be the key driver of negativity on TripAdvisor, with 46% of negative reviews on TripAdvisor mentioning the word “wait”

In the Pubs/Bars segment, cocktails continue to delight guests despite an increase in mentions of mocktails and dry January, with 5% of positive reviews mentioning “cocktails”

Google sees a year on year increase in share of positive reviews, with positive reviews accounting for 82.6% of Google reviews, an increase of 3.6% versus January 2019.  We continues to see “price” come through stronger on Google reviews, with 3% of positive reviews containing this word, showing that value for money is a rising concern for the Google reviewers.