Las Iguanas with Feed It Back win coveted award at Restaurant Marketer & Innovator event 2020

Best use of data/insight/research

With Las Iguanas being a business that prides itself on being fun, vibrant and innovative, the brand wanted to audit the customer experience through data and insight. They did this by teaming up with FeedItBack, implementing 5-10 tablets in each of their restaurants to garner immediate guest feedback in real-time. From this, Las Iguanas launched a full DNA review to understand how the brand was perceived, establish its position in the market and get to the bottom of what the brand truly means to guests.

From their research, Las Iguanas saw that they needed to focus more on celebration and escape aspects that customers felt when they walk through the door. Alongside this, as the brand doesn’t discount, they needed to elevate guest loyalty, WOW-ing their guests more and play on their existing differentiation by clearly defining the emotional benefit to guests.

In response to the insight Las Iguanas had gained from this process, they rolled out multiple strategies to improve their guest experience including, changing the booking confirmation to a boarding pass to Rio that made the experience more meaningful, introduced themed country nights where the brand pairs signature drinks to encourage guests to try a taste exclusive to Las Iguanas, created recipe cards to educate customers on dish and drink quality and also encouraging the team to ditch the robotic service KPIs which were replaced with a system that could be delivered in their teams’ own personal way.

Following implementation, the brand saw a 25% reduction in service recovery and a net promoter score of 52 (up from 48). The judges chose Las Iguanas for the best use of research, insight and data due to their robust proposal that included examples of the data that was used, the improvements made based on the insight alongside the impact this ultimately had on the business.