Loungers Partner With Feed It Back

Loungers are partnering with Feed It Back, the social reviews, guest feedback and guest recovery platform, to harness the benefits of real time interaction with customers and local communities, the capability to respond to feedback quickly, and the insights to drive ongoing improvement.

Lounges Managing Director, Justin Carter, commented; “We are obsessively focused on what happened yesterday and the Feed It Back platform will give us really useful insight into the experience of our customers. I’ve no doubt that insight will help us get better at what we do.”

“We’re very proud to be selected by Loungers to support their growth over the coming years,” said Feed It Back’s CEO, Carlo Platia. “By providing Loungers’ teams a live, mobile dashboard with actionable customer insights and feedback, we will help them to make informed decisions, take immediate action and maintain the great service and quality enjoyed by customers across England and Wales.”

For press enquiries at Feed It Back Ltd:
Julia Platia

01483 563949