National Burger Day 2023

National Burger Day 2023 – A review of guest feedback on burgers

Today is National Burger Day! A day where we can celebrate the tasty, juicy, oozy mouthfuls of deliciousness that you experience when eating a burger! We’ve taken a look at our data, from almost 100k dish ratings on burgers spanning Jan-July 2023 to share what guests love and what they are sometimes disappointed with.

Burgers as a category perform really well, scoring an average of 92% compared to the average dish rating of 91% for the same period.

According to the guest comments, one of the main reasons why burgers perform so well is because of the ‘taste’. Guests simply love the taste! Cooking burgers to perfection obviously plays a huge part in ensuring the taste is optimum and it’s great to see that operators are nailing this!

Delving deeper into the negative comments, it was interesting to see that the main theme in the negative comments was around ‘chicken burgers’ with over-cooking being the main reason for dissatisfaction. There is an opportunity here for operators to up their game by ensuring chicken burgers are cooked to perfection.

Chips also feature as a key negative theme with many guests citing the ‘portion’ being too small or the chips were served ‘cold’. Too small a portion of chips are causing dissatisfaction when it comes to value and dishes not reaching the table quickly are causing chips to be cold. These issues are potentially causing brand disloyalty so operators should be mindful of this.