NPS bounces back after EOTHO

The hospitality industry net promoter score (NPS) has bounced back to record levels following the end of the EOTHO scheme, according to this week’s Customer Sentiment Tracker from Feed It Back and KAM Media.

For the first time since re-opening the industry’s NPS score hit 60, which is even higher than pre-lockdown levels and +7 points compared with last week. The scores and comparisons are based on feedback from 123,525 customers, who visited one of 1,200 hospitality venues between 4th July and 6th September, collected via the Feed It Back platform.

Katy Moses, MD at KAM Media: “We’re excited to see the hospitality industry NPS bounce back like this. EOTHO certainly drove additional feet through the door but it also presented challenges with some service levels. In research terms, 50+ is generally considered an excellent net promoter score, so this week’s industry score of 60 shows that the UK hospitality industry is back to delighting it’s customers. Some operators scores were as high as 86!”

The data showed that every hospitality segment saw an increase in NPS this week with ‘premium casual’ continuing to lead the way (67), closely followed by pubs (63) and then ‘casual dining’ (52). The ‘fast casual’ segment continues to attract the lowest score currently but saw the biggest increase last week from 20 to 45.

Customer confidence in covid-related safety measures remains stable with 95% of last week’s customers saying they feel safe enough to return. However, the number one cleanliness related complaint continues to be unclean tables and accounted for more 1-in-5 cleanliness related complaints this week.

Carlo Platia, CEO at Feed It Back: “It may seem a small thing but week after week a significant number of customers are telling us that their tables are not clean – this number of complaints about table cleanliness has steadily risen since re-opening. This is a real service basic which in current times is critical to both customer confidence and safety. It might be that teams were really “on it” in the first few weeks of re-opening and are now either letting standards slip or are just not as “visible” in their cleaning. As always, for customers, perception is reality. This should be a really easy issue for the industry to fix.”

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