Are we replying to all our complaints? Sure. The dashboard reports 100% response rates.
Obsessed with detail

Our Partnerships

We work with a unique, expanding circle of collaborative organisations and have built connections that feed us with more information, reviews and real time data so that we can present you with a complete picture of your customers’ experiences. They also deliver us the fine detail that enables us to pinpoint the things that shaped your customers’ opinions, and give you accurate insights that will help you earn and retain their loyalty.


By working with these EPOS systems you’re able to personalise guest feedback questions in real time. And you’ll have transaction data matched against any case/complaint.

Access Hospitality EPoS software give hospitality operators the technology to drive efficiency and run a more profitable business, as well as provide exceptional guest experiences from one trusted source.

An ePOS systems company specialising in the hospitality sector, and have been designing, developing and supplying ePOS to restaurants, hotels, bars, cafés and more for over 40 years.

Zonal’s EPoS system is built to be an essential part of any hospitality business. The EPoS system is trusted by more than 16,000 businesses, large and small, across the hospitality sector.

Business Listings

Expand the reach of your business listings and keep your business information in one place with Feed It Back and Yext integration.

Order & Pay

Enable your guests to order and pay on their own device and to effortlessly give you feedback at the end, which can be viewed within Feed It Back alongside their basket data.

Delivering simple, effective, integrated digital solutions within the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, including a range of apps and websites.

Integrated Order and Pay and Click and Collect services seamlessly integrate with a number of leading hospitality EPOS systems, payment gateways, CRMs, SCVs, menu management and Guest Feedback providers.

OrderPay is an innovative solution for ordering your drinks, meal and paying your bill with location and brand switching technology to ensure your brand is always correctly represented.

Mr Yum

Combine Mr Yum’s data with Feed it Back’s actionable feedback insights, effectively build your reputation through automated campaigns and discover untapped insights to create effective strategies.


If you’re working with a CRM system, feedback, guest details, guest preferences and basket data can be automatically added to your guest records. You’ll be able to deepen understanding of your guests and personalise your communications.

Truly effective CRM can only be delivered once you have a full understanding of your customers, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Deliver meaningful messages at every stage of the customer lifecycle with the Customer Engagement Platform built for enterprise brands.

Alchemetrics uses modern marketing technology to help brands build deeper, more valuable connections with customers. Your data will be smarter and faster

Connecting with your audience has never been easier with Campaign Monitor’s straightforward email marketing and automation tools.

The Fishbowl solution combines a powerful platform, expert analytics and professional services to help restaurants accelerate same-store sales.

Mr Yum

Combine Mr Yum’s data with Feed it Back’s actionable feedback insights, effectively build your reputation through automated campaigns and discover untapped insights to create effective strategies.

Loyalty and digital rewards

You can reward guests for their feedback or recover them after a less-than-perfect experience, using digital, EPOS-redeemable rewards, all from within Feed It Back.

Deliver highly-tailored rewards through personalisation and a single customer view, driving customer loyalty across all your sales channels at your chosen scale.

This is a rapid set-up gift card platform for restaurants, pubs, salons, wellbeing, retail and leisure.

As a versatile marketing tool, Zonal’s Voucher Manager can be used to drive sales, manipulate customer behaviour and reward loyalty.

Mr Yum

Combine Mr Yum’s data with Feed it Back’s actionable feedback insights, effectively build your reputation through automated campaigns and discover untapped insights to create effective strategies.

Table Management Solutions

Customers are automatically prompted for feedback following a booked visit, which is immediately available to view in Feed It Back. And with Zonal, you can personalise questions in real time based on your guest’s transaction details.

Revolutionary booking and enquiry management software for bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Table management, pre-orders, payments and more.

Table management, online bookings, pre-orders and payments: a flat-fee restaurant reservation system that does it all.

Zonal’s all-in-one online booking and table management system enables you to manage and centralise all your bookings.

Customer Wifi

Customers are automatically prompted for feedback when they register on your Wi-Fi or return, having previously registered. All of their feedback is immediately available to view in Feed It Back.

A powerful social guest Wi-Fi hotspot. Connect with customers, collect marketing data, and understand your guest’s behaviour.


You can see your social reviews, search full text comments and reply to reviewers directly from Feed It Back. And you can track performance on your social channels alongside all other forms of feedback.

Search to find the latest news and world events faster. Find popular people, hashtags and photos for any topic you can imagine.

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together

Reviews on Google provide valuable information about your business to both you and your customers. 

A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family.

World’s largest travel platform. Browse hundreds of millions of traveller reviews and opinions.

Employee Communications

Keep your frontline employees engaged, motivated and up to date with all company communications.

Lead, engage and motivate your front line teams.  Share great reviews, feedback, praise or task notifications with your colleagues and teams using Yapster’s private 1-1 and group mobile messaging across your entire organisation.

Digital task management

Ensure that your frontline teams know what they need to do, with real time digital task lists.

Bring all the daily jobs together in one simple app for safer, smarter operations.  If a piece of feedback needs action to be taken by a team member, it automatically appears in their digital task list.

Cashless tipping

Make it easy for your customers to reward your employees when they do a great job.

Allow tipped workers to receive tips via QR codes, NFC and contactless, fully transparent for the customer and direct to the tipped worker,

Online training

Easily accessible, online training to keep your teams in the know, onboard new members and address training needs.

If your ratings drop below a certain level, enrol staff into the relevant online training modules or test knowledge through quizzes. Feed It Back delivers the insights and CPL drives the action.

Purple Story

As part of your onboarding process with Feed It Back, Purple Story demonstrates to operators that ‘If You Can See It, You Can Fix It’.’ Purple Story is a professionally rebellious training consultancy focused on driving and enhancing Operational Excellence and Competitive Advantage through people.