Service a key challenge as guests take advantage of Eat Out to Help Out

The latest weekly tracker data from Feed It Back and KAM Media saw more guests coming out to enjoy the last full week of Eat Out to Help Out, however service scores declined from the previous week in all segments.

According to 22,617 customers who completed a Feed It Back survey across 914 hospitality venues between Monday August 24th and Sunday 30th, service increased by 3% as a reason why a guest wouldn’t return.  However, concerns about inadequate social distancing remained the number one factor preventing revisits, with 19% of guests saying they wouldn’t return for this reason.

Looking at the value for money, the 5% of guests who rate value poorly say that they would not be prepared to pay for the food without the Eat Out to Help Out offer in place.  Portion size increased as a reason for a low value score compared to last week, from 13% to 15%.

Feed It Back CEO Carlo Platia comments: “Eat Out to Help Out has been a great success in terms of getting more people through the door, and it’s great to see more key household budget holders (aged 35+) come through to leave feedback versus the Mondays to Wednesdays in July.  However, the expectation of a smooth, safe service, and a feeling across a large number of guests that prices have increased and portion sizes have reduced, means that bringing these guests back in will present a challenge.”

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