A customer asks three times for their drink to be served! We stepped up service, sent a voucher... the customer came back and booked again! Fixed.
Obsessed with detail

The customer experience dashboard for hospitality operators

Smart surveys

Collect your customers’ opinions with beautifully branded, highly customisable and super smart surveys. Fast, intuitive and streamlined for volume. Feed It Back offers a multitude of ways for customers to give you their opinions.

  • Beautifully branded, fast and intuitive
  • Survey types: In-venue, delivery, click & collect, accommodation, employees, audit and more
  • Dish and drink ratings
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Social reviews

Customers read online reviews to make informed decisions. Feed It Back collects online reviews, presents you with improvement actions and ensures you respond promptly, whether at head office or venue level.

  • Configurable routing of reviews to relevant team members
  • Configurable alerts to ensure prompt response
  • Shows improvement actions per venue
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Social streams

Customers expect brands to monitor and instantly respond to posts and DMs. Whether they communicate via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Feed It Back enables real time visibility and response, so you don’t disappoint them.

  • View posts and DMs by outlet, area, brand or customised category
  • Scan your inbox and like, comment or respond rapidly
  • Trending posts highlighted to ensure you are aware of any potential PR problems
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Feed It Back Respond enables you to communicate with colleagues to investigate a complaint, then communicate with customers to quickly turn a negative experience into a positive one, driving loyalty and repeat visitation.

  • Capture and resolve negative opinions before they are made public
  • Respond to surveys, emails, online reviews, posts and DMs in one place
  • Send digital, EPOS-redeemable vouchers to recover customers
  • Automatically route and assign cases based on configurable rules & SLAs
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Revelation works in the background while you work. Our new plug-in automatically finds key comments and sentiments in your text-based feedback channels, sending information and actions directly to the people who need to know.

  • Automatically tags topics in social reviews and unstructured feedback – saving time for Managers and improving their insights.
  • Automatically assigns cases to the right people, enabling rapid responses to critical complaints, improving the chances of customer recovery and team efficiency.
  • Feeds review data and unstructured feedback directly into the key drivers on the main dashboard to provide better insights and engagement across the whole team.
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Feed It Back Foundations

Through our own experiences as operators and marketers, we learned a great deal that has been built into the Feed it Back Dashboard. We have also developed services and forged partnerships that together with the Dashboard, create an even faster route to success.

customer experience dashboard

Integration partners

We work with a unique, expanding circle of organisations and have built connections that feed us with more information, reviews and real time data so that we can present you with a complete and detailed picture of your customers' experiences.

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Feed It Back Academy


We are dedicated to ensuring that operators and their front line teams have the tools to deliver reputation and customer loyalty building experiences. Which is why we run the Feed It Back Academy. Our courses focus on how to get the most out of data and technology to grow.

Feed It Back Academy
reputation management dashboard

Reports & insights

We know how much you must pack into a day. We've been in your shoes. So we keep an eye on your dashboard and send you reports, insights and recommendations to ensure you don't miss issues or opportunities.

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How everybody benefits

Customer Experience Management Dashboard

Your customers

Linking feedback directly to their bills is personal, simple and fast. They’re amazed when you actively respond to their social media comments. Get the power to switch detractors to brand champions.

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Brand reputation platform

Your teams

Front of House teams love seeing how they’re doing. It’s on their mobiles, too. Your kitchen connects to the details of how well their dishes are going. Managers manage best when customers are driving their decisions.

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customer experience dashboard for hospitality


Putting things right is so much easier with customer issues in one place. Team accountability runs right through your processes. We work with your existing systems rather than against them.

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