World Cocktail Day – 13 May 2023 and our latest cocktail insights

In celebration of World Cocktail Day (13 May 2023), we are sharing the latest analysis gathered from 48k+ cocktail ratings from the period Jan – April 2023.

The Pornstar Martini is the top selling cocktail and scores 87% on average. With the Pornstar martini being such a popular drink, getting it perfect each time is essential. Our insights also show that rum and gin-based cocktails are popular selling items.

Towards the bottom of the sales mix are Collins drinks, which seems like a missed opportunity as they score an almost perfect score at 99% product rating. Perhaps one to recommend to guests preferring a simple, clean and balanced drink?

Looking at product ratings, vodka-based drinks average a high score at 96% with fruity style Caipiroskas scoring even higher. It’s great to see mocktails scoring high at 93% and guests praising these drinks for their amazing taste. Having a great selection of non or low alcoholic cocktails is essential for today’s consumer.

Those drinks that need to be worked further on include the Pina colada (81%). Many comments referred to the cocktail being served over ice in a rocks glass. Traditionally Pina Coladas are blended and to set expectations if you are serving this drink shaken, then you should include this on your menu description.

Negronis also do not score well, in fact come lowest in the league table (73%). This drink is very much on trend however many guests will be put off from trying it again if they have a poor experience. The balance of ingredients is key here and negative comments refer to the drink tasting too bitter or strong.

Overall guests are praising cocktails for their taste. The taste is also causing some dissatisfaction among guests due to the incorrect balance of flavours or in some drinks too sweet. Some guests also feel that the cocktails do not have enough alcohol in them and this is impacting the overall value for money perception. Lastly guests feel that at times their drinks have too much ice. Identify these cocktails and perhaps tweak your menu descriptions to better educate your guests on the essential elements to the perfect cocktail. Cocktail experiences such as masterclasses will help with this as well as providing an extra revenue stream to your business.