James Brown (Founder of TiPJAR & Retail Director for BrewDog) and Carlo Platia (Founder of Feed It Back) announce a new partnership and technical integration.

The two firms are announcing integrations allowing consumers giving feedback via Feed It Back software to say thank you via a tip at the end should they wish. This integration will be available to all of Feed It Back’s customers completely free of charge, and TiPJAR are providing the service for free until 2021 to anyone opting to enable it.

James Brown;

“TiPJAR a contactless & digital tipping service and Feed It Back customer satisfaction software is perfect match, great service, feedback and reward are intrinsically linked in the real world. As operators we strive for excellence, real-world tangible reward in the form of feedback and tips really helps with this quest. Just as they are connected in the real world, we are pleased to announce they are now connected in the digital world, with customers now able to tip workers at the end of their Feed it Backs surveys”

Carlo Platia;

“During these challenging months of trade, we have done all we can to support our loyal customers and the industry we love. With staff welfare and reward being very much in the forefront of our customers’ minds as they plan for re-opening, contactless tipping will be key.  This integration is an important step in helping our customers to get up and running successfully.”

About TiPJAR

TiPJAR’s founder (James Brown, Retail Director at BrewDog) created TiPJAR to solve issues relating to tipping in an ever increasingly cashless world, he wanted to allow customers to tip staff directly, bring transparency and take the admin burden away from business owners. Since Covid-19, the demand and enquiries for their software services from around the world has increased dramatically. In recent weeks UK Hospitality submitted a 75-page document to government, listing potential recommended guidance which included promoting contactless or cashless tipping solutions for staff.

About Feed It Back

Feed It Back is a company that tracks the word on the street about operators, through immediate feedback on experiences and online review platforms, such as Facebook and TripAdvisor. It aggregates all feedback into one easy to use platform that allows operators to efficiently deal with feedback they otherwise wouldn’t have heard, reward employees for excellent service and turn negative experiences into positives.

The company is managed by experienced operators Julia and Carlo Platia, who drew on their experience running a cocktail bar and restaurant to launch the platform in 2008. It currently boasts a range of clients including: Loungers, Las Iguanas, Dirty Martini, Brains, and Be at One, to name a few.

For further information, contact allears@feeditback.com

For further information, contact hello@wearetipjar.com 

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