Social Tracker September 2019

September’s social reviews average ratings held steady from August, with the average score holding at 4.3, 0.2 ahead of September 2018.

Although we still continue to see Facebook average ratings come in higher versus last year (up 0.2 for the Pub/Bar segment, and up 0.4 year on year for Restaurants) we also see TripAdvisor scores for the Restaurant sector increase to 4.2 (this is a 0.1 increase from August and a 0.2 increase from September 2018)

Looking at the Pub/Bar segment, TripAdvisor ratings have not increased here, and remain at 4.0, the same as the previous month and also as September last year.

TripAdvisor reviews accounted for just under a third of social reviews tracked in the Restaurant sector in September, and although that is still a lower share of voice than last year, it is a 2% increase from August, suggesting that restaurants continue to focus on TripAdvisor reviews and ratings.

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