What is competitive socialising?

Simply put, Competitive Socialising combines activities or gaming experiences with great food and drink to be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Activities you might find in a such a venue range from mini-golf to darts, with ball games, ping pong, arcade games and many more. What makes a Competitive Socialising venue different to the pool halls of old? Our latest insights pack highlights the uniqueness’s to this sector and why this sector is performing so well:

  • The sector attracts a lot of first-time visitors. Looking at their NPS score (68), it is evident that guests are leaving feeling wowed by their visit. The danger here is that the novelty of participating in such activities could wear off, meaning less frequent visits and less opportunity to build loyalty. A positive here is that more frequent guests also score highly on NPS (every 2-3 months score 71) so it’s a fantastic that the data shows that no matter how often visits come, they are still having a great time.
  • Whilst these venues are mostly attracting a younger audience, 60% are aged 18-34, the NPS for older guests is still just as high (70’s) and therefore it’s great that these experiences can be enjoyed by guests of any age.
  • In the past year, we at Feed It Back have had several clients join us in this space and we are proud to have 30+ brands making up our Competitive Socialising benchmark segment. The sector is fast-growing and there are many new entrants. Innovation for new entrants eager to grab a share of this market. How can operators differentiate themselves and remain consistent in their delivery? Brands such as Flight Club and Electric shuffle aim to “reinvigorate traditional past times, infuse them with technology and house them in spectacular bars”.
  • High quality food and drinks are essential factors in delivering a slick experience. Expect food to be on a par with your favourite casual dining restaurant and cocktails to be just good as you’d get in some of the UK’s top bar brands. In some of these venues, eating and drinking may not be conducive to the activity. This can cause a lower spend and for some guests they may view this as not such a great experience. Increasing dwell time by attracting guests in earlier or later in a designated eating and drinking space can help or thinking about the food and drink styles that can be consumed on the go.

Visiting a Competitive Socialising venue is great for many reasons and many occasions. Guests are loving the twist and elevated gaming experience along with tasty sharing platters and beautifully presented cocktails. The atmosphere is electric and the clientele casually glam. The main aim is to have FUN whilst enjoying high quality drinks and food.

Image of Electric Shuffle, Courtesy of Red Engine