Wireless Social, Zonal And Feed It Back Join Forces To Bring Automated Feedback To Customers

Feed It Back, the leading customer feedback and online reputation specialists, has partnered with Wi-Fi and data collection expert, Wireless Social, and extended its existing relationship with leading hospitality technology solutions provider, Zonal, to seamlessly integrate their software capabilities, drive deeper insights and bring automated feedback to operators.

The agreement means customers of Wireless Social can gain instant access to customer feedback through their existing digital infrastructure by signing up to Feed It Back, and a benefit which is now available to customers of Zonal’s online booking and table management product liveRES. The automation is frictionless with no set up costs, training, point of sale material or hardware implementation needed.

Building on the existing relationship with Zonal, which gives access to basket data, allowing operators to personalise feedback questions based on what customers ordered, the new integration with liveRES offers further automated functionality using data captured at the time of booking.

Under the new partnership with Wireless Social, operators can see exactly who visited their venue and how long they stayed. Using Wireless Social’s data capture and Presence information, with an automated trigger process, operators are able to seek timely feedback from customers, submitted into the Feed It Back platform.

The partnership will greatly enhance the volume of direct feedback operators receive, giving them a richer dataset to make insight driven business decisions. In an increasingly competitive environment, the need for operators to glean true insights on how to improve and tweak their offer, as well as manage their online reputation, has become a necessity, rather than a luxury.

In addition, the integrated technology allows operators to overlay customer feedback with how busy specific sites had been during service, giving an additional layer of context to feedback. Service is a key driver in customer experience and this integration gives the extra context needed to truly understand the subtle difference between a bad service and busy service.

Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed it Back, said: “Technological innovation within the hospitality sector is happening at a rate of knots with a number of businesses entering the market with new solutions that will improve efficiency, generate insight and automate processes. By collaborating with likeminded companies, such as Wireless Social and Zonal, we can combine our technological capabilities for the greater good of the industry and provide vital tools that are fast becoming imperative to remaining competitive in a challenging market.”

Julian Ross, CEO, Wireless Social, commented: “We’re passionate about working in collaboration with other technology providers to simplify the power of data for operators, to ensure they can communicate with their customer base in new and innovative ways. We’re in the midst of a very exciting time for our business and unlocking new partnerships such as this one, will allow operators to realise the true potential of our systems.”

David Charlton, Commercial Director, Zonal Marketing Technologies, said: “Our primary aim as a technology provider is to fundamentally make things easier for operators. By building on our existing partnership with Feed It Back and working with other technology providers, such as Wireless Social, we can truly automate the feedback process for our customers and work collaboratively to help operators navigate the challenging market conditions of the hospitality industry.”

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