Are we replying to all our complaints? Sure. The dashboard reports 100% response rates.
Obsessed with detail

Feed It Back x Yapster
Driving Employee Engagement

Feed It Back is the customer experience dashboard for hospitality operators

From collecting  your customers’ opinions with beautifully branded, highly customisable and super smart surveys, through to integrating with social channels to pull in reviews, direct messages and posts, it allows you to understand what your customers are experiencing and enables you to communicate with them to ensure maximum engagement and to drive loyalty.

Yapster: Workplace Messaging App for Frontline Organisations

Yapster is a fully integrated mobile communications platform to align and inspire hard to reach colleagues.

Engage your front line.

Grow your Top line.

Optimise systems to boost your bottom line.

Benefits of using Feed It Back and Yapster together

  • Keeps your teams closer to the action
  • Improves service levels
  • Increases employee satisfaction levels
  • Saves time and improves efficiency in responding to customers, and recognising outstanding work & team member mentions

Teams love it!

The best operators trust Feed It Back and Yapster

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