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Feed It Back x Yext
Extend the reach of your business listings

Feed It Back is the customer experience dashboard for hospitality operators

From collecting your customers’ opinions with beautifully branded, highly customisable and super smart surveys, through to integrating with social channels to pull in reviews, direct messages and posts, it allows you to understand what your customers are experiencing and enables you to communicate with them to ensure maximum engagement and to drive loyalty.

Feed It Back is an award-winning platform providing granular data and insights which are used by our clients to identify specific areas that influence drive improvements. In addition, clients can also gather data and insights on a branch level and help support growth.

Yext is a first answer-first search platform design for the age of AI

With the expansion of data on the internet, consumer search aims to constantly innovate. This modern and dynamic AI-answers platform recognises and interprets the natural language of the users so they get the solution they are looking for.

The Yext app allows us to make changes on the business listings of single or multiple branches and also add new branches. This data is updated automatically on our Feed It Back platform, which simplifies the process of setting up each venue.

Benefits of using Feed It Back and Yext:

  • Focus on bringing high-quality engagement and interaction by a complete database gathered from your customer.
  • Drive the growth of each branch of your business by collecting insightful and specific data.
  • Complete control of the data from each branch of your business
  • Add and update the list of your branches and transfer the data to the Feed It Back platform.
  • Help your customer discover your brand at any touchpoint, enhancing the reputation of your business.

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